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Diverse topics
Diverse topicsYou just need to learn English on the topics that interest you.
More knowledgeWith various topics and stories, a lot of useful knowledge waiting for you to discover.View all stories
More knowledge
Via visually approach method
Via visually approach methodEach story has many keywords. Each keyword has meaning, illustration image, transcription and UK/US voice.
Interesting game playFrom vocabulary games to listening, reading will give you the best experience.
Interesting game play
Enhance by review
Enhance by reviewYou can listen the story and click on each word to see meaning, illustration image, transcription and listen UK/US voice.
Easy to compose dataYou can add, edit any stories or vocabularies you need.
Easy to compose data
good idea
What you will get ? Get more knowledge that interests you. Remember lots of vocabularies in specific context, so you will use them better. Improve listening and reading skills.
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Ettip was created to make learning English fun and useful. Chat: trieutulong89kg Email:FanPage: Học từ vựng