Conquer challengesConquer challenges
Choose right image
This challenge helps you quickly remember the meaning of the vocabulary through lively images.
Match letters into word
Writing the correct spelling of each word is not easy either. So Ettip has designed this challenge to help you easily rewrite each word without too much difficulty.
Match phrases into sentence
Do you want to remember the vocabulary longer? Constructing a complete example sentence is a great way for you to learn vocabulary in a specific context and thereby help you remember vocabulary better.
Choose right transcription
You often make mistakes in pronunciation? So, let's build a solid foundation with Ettip for pronunciation skill.
Pronounce vocabulary
By applying Microsoft's artificial intelligence, your pronunciation practice will become much easier and more intuitive.
Listen and fill words in the blanks
You will have the opportunity to practice listening to each sentence in the story slowly, so that you will hear each word more easily.
Read and fill words in the blanks
You don't want to waste your time just learn English? So let's explore more interesting knowledge with Ettip and grasp how to use vocabularies in the story easily.