Diamond-encrusted headlights

Diamond-encrusted headlights

ˈdaɪəmənd-ɪnˈkrʌstɪd ˈhɛdlaɪts
ˈdaɪmənd-ɛnˈkrʌstɪd ˈhɛˌdlaɪts
Definition: The headlights are encrusted with diamonds
Meaning: Những chiếc đèn pha được nạm kim cương
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How to use "Diamond-encrusted headlights" vocabulary in sentence (example)

The 3.7L twin-turbo monster definitely turns heads, with its scissor doors and diamond-encrusted headlights.

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When it comes to cars, like all forms of transport, there are always people searching for the next level whether that's technological, raw speed or pure indulgence (like diamond-encrusted headlights?!).

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